It’s immense pleasure to announce that we are aiming to emerge as most desirable enterprise & employer in India in Automation Sector. As a part of our branding & Marketing Strategy we have recently successfully organized


It was a four-day long event which was most awaited by all Chropynska Employees & Suppliers. In this Cricket Premier League 12 Chropynska Cricket teams participated & challenged each other.

The event took place with most professional back up with seasoned Cricket Ground, Commentator, Scorers & Professional Umpires. The event was streamed online by YOUTUBE & was the scores were recorded digitally by Cricheros app.

At the same event Suppliers also participated with their Cricket Teams & experienced the thrill of the Chropynska Cricket Fever. KUKA, SMC, ARM WELDERS & TOOLCON these suppliers did match with each other.

The suppliers’ teams also fevered up the ground with finalist teams of TOOLCON Vs ARM WELDERS, but ARM WELDERS scored high & remained Supplier League Winner.

From the four days event, last day was most thrilled one as all finalist reached for their dream of acquiring premier league winner trophy.

The final match took place between Control Super Kings (Robotics PLC Automation Dept) & Chhatrapati Warriors (Manufacturing Dept). From the very tough match Chhatrapati Warrior came out as Winner of the League. Chhatrapati Warrior had put challenge of 180 runs for opposing team. Control Super Kings tried their best to break the challenge but ended up doing 112 at the loss of all 11 players.

The final award ceremony took place 9th February evening. The ceremony was inaugurated by the guests Tomas Velck, GM- Body Shop Planning, Skoda,  Jan Kirschner – Body Shop Planning, Skoda &  Saurabh Gupte – Head of Whole Vehicle Development EG, from Skoda-VW.

They were welcomed by Managing Director & CEO Mr. Krishan Atri. The guest awarded winner & runner up team Trophies & expressed their views on Chropynska India Cricket League & they also expressed to participate in league next time.

Mr. Tomas Velck expressed his views as he found the complete tournament event very exciting with proper management of ceremony. He also  expressed as this event organised is pioneering approach for strengthening our Chropynska’s Brand identity in India & a best engagement platform for organisers, suppliers & employees. He felt excited to participate in the next tournament.

Following the Cricket awards, Suppliers’ Awards were announced & conferred by Mr. Krishan Atri.

We believe the Chropynska Premier League 2024 was not only a fantastic display of cricketing talent but also a great opportunity for our entire team to come together and enjoy the excitement of the sport by refreshing their minds & body. This marketing tool was perfect example of teamwork, digital Marketing, moral building, Supplier networking & brand building.


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